TTHDFL Thrust Bearing

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Application flexibility. A variety of design configurations are available to ensure the best possible bearing is selected for the application. Thrust bearings can be manufactured to class 3 tolerances for use in precision machine tools. Additional capacity. TTHDFL bearings have a similar design to the TTHD bearing with the exception that one of the thrust races is flat. The ability to implement a pin-type cage with additional rollers in a TTHDFL configuration can lead to higher capacity to an equivalent TTHD design. TTHDFL bearings are differentiated from TTHD designs because one of the thrust races is flat. Due to the flat race feature and different cage in the TTHDFL, the shaft shoulder width may not allow direct interchangeability with a TTHD despite having the same envelope dimensions. Please review the existing design or consult us sales representative to determine the applicability of TTHDFL bearings.

S-4077-C TTHDFL thrust bearing

-35 °F to + Oil-Impregnated Bron
3/16 in Static 8000 / D

120TTVF85 TTHDFL thrust bearing

380mm 3070
Standard 560mm

N-3311-A TTHDFL thrust bearing

3-1/2 in 1-11/16 in
133583 Plain, Water

N-3560-A TTHDFL thrust bearing

0.3750 in Male Threaded with M
12 ° 3/8-24 in

C-8326-A TTHDFL thrust bearing

0.48 kg Composite
SYK 506 19 mm

C-7964-C TTHDFL thrust bearing

Standard Precision 0.6875 in
0.34 lbs 053893110493

E-2172-A(2) TTHDFL thrust bearing

7316577346469 Round
Cast Iron Set Screw

N-3580-A TTHDFL thrust bearing

Open Type 0.02 KGS
140mm 3313a/c3-qbl

G-3272-C TTHDFL thrust bearing

Open Type 15.6
24.75mm 105

T34250 TTHDFL thrust bearing

10mm In Stock
14mm 0.02 KGS

S-4077-C TTHDFL thrust bearing

1200 kN 2 x FRB 10/440
2280 N·m 770 mm

G-3272-C TTHDFL thrust bearing

ASTM B584-78 3000 psi
SAE 660 (C932&# None